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  • Firstly, Todmorden is desperate for more accommodation! Many local people live in small houses that are not big enough for their family and friends to stay when they have a get-together. We are also a popular tourist destination, but many visitors have to go to nearby towns to stay as there is not enough provision within Todmorden. A strawbale hotel, with function rooms for community use, would make a huge difference. It is intended that overnight stays would be set at affordable rates so that local people could use the hotel for their own guests. We anticipate that the Strawbale Hotel will not offer food, thereby encouraging guests to use local restaurants, pubs, cafes, take-aways and the market.

  • Secondly, the Hotel will be built entirely of natural materials, thus ensuring it will be a very healthy place to stay and providing a showcase for natural building to others. This will create a tourist attraction in itself that will benefit the economy of Todmorden.

  • Thirdly, the build itself would enable people, including Todmorden residents, school children and members of the wider public, to participate and learn natural building skills. A core of trained Todmorden people could be the heart of a new industry for Todmorden – affordable, natural build, flood-resilient housing.

  • Fourthly, the Hotel will be set in the centre of town, at the heart of Pollination Street (created by Incredible Edible and the people of Todmorden) and where we already have a tradition of local festivals.  Working in conjunction with the outdoor space of Pollination Street, and with local neighbours, the Strawbale Hotel would be able to host festivals and conferences. The whole complex and its innovative ideas will provide interest, training, volunteer and work opportunities for local people.

  • And finally, the Todmorden Strawbale Hotel, unique in the UK, will in itself bring tourists to the town whilst providing accommodation for visitors, extra accommodation for local people who have no spare rooms for their guests and a focal point for community activities.